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  1. When i was 14 i had really messed up teeth.

    Root canal was required.

    I go to the hospital and the staff give me an appointment to come back tomorrow, tell me there’s a new doctor who flew in from somewhere in Europe (i forgot where, possibly German?), and he will be operating on me and that he’s really really good.

    Tomorrow comes, i’m in the seat, he’s operating, the pain is excruciating, and it’s taking a while because apparently the tooth was shattered inside the gums and needed to be picked piece by piece.

    Older dentist walks in to see the new hotshot dentist work, leans in and looks in my mouth, and just says “you’re doing it all wrong..”. They continue to talk to each other for a minute while he’s still operating but i do not understand or remember what they were saying, a bit technical for me at 14 maybe? and the older doctor just leaves and the hotshot finishes up.


    Dentist phobia ever since.

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