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A Teenage Babysitter Who Allegedly Gave Toddler A E-smoking Device To Use Is Arrested


In Seward, two teen girls allegedly allowed a 2-year-old kid to use a vapid device and recorded it. They also posted it on one of the most popular social media, snapchat, stated Pennsylvania State Police.

In a press conversation release, police said, on January 9th, two teen girls, one a 17-year-old and another 18-year-old girl, we’re babysitting a 2-year-old toddler at a residence in Westmoreland County.

The two girls see him and let him inhale from the vaping device and film him doing it and also posted the clip on snapchat.

In the videotape, it can be seen that the child is breathing the device and then coughing and crying. Also, laughter can be learned from the two girls in the background.

The Pennsylvania State Police began investigating the video showing the kid with the vaping device.

As they were examining, they found out that the vaping device had 3% nicotine but no THC. In the release, the police stated, “The child did not display other visible effects from inhaling the device contents.”

The episode has been reported to Child and Youth Services and also been told to the child’s parents. According to the police, the two teenage girls are nowhere linked to the child. There is still an active ongoing inquiry.

The police are seeking to charge the teens on the basis of endangering the welfare of children, states the release.

The two teens who are included in this incident are believed to be from the United School District of Armagh Pennsylvania, says media Pittsburgh.

Superintendent Dr.Barbara Parkins said in a statement that, “United administration was made aware of the video today, and the authorities are investigating the matter. We believe that two of our students were involved in the situation. The names of those students were provided to the authorities but are classified from the public,”  media reported Pittsburgh.


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