غير مصنف

Always take whatever camera time you can get.


Always take whatever camera time you can get.


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  1. The guy in the back is hilarious! My now fiance surprised me when he popped the question too. We were on vacation and had asked someone to take our picture. After the first picture we moved to get more of the scenery in which is when he got down on one knee. They realized what was happening before I did and actually recorded it but all you can hear are the people in the back ground yelling out ‘Oh-hell-naw! This is some real shit right here! She got no idea!’ over and over! LOL! I could care less about not being able to hear what my guy was saying, the reaction from the people around us is what makes it so damn funny! 😂

  2. My friend’s cousin’s boyfriend did this same thing at a baseball game! Except it wasn’t on kiss cam. And no one saw it. Or clapped. Not even the people around them noticed. Lol because karma’s a bitch when ur a bitch to people. And boy was she a bitch

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