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Anthony Wong explains absence from political debate


16 Jan – Anthony Wong recently revealed that a family emergency was the reason why he was a no-show on the RTHK programme, “This Week”.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who was originally scheduled to debate pro-China politician Junius Ho on the topic of conscience and justice, shared that he had to cancel his appearance after his father-in-law was rushed to the hospital and subsequently passed away.

“My father-in-law’s asthma acted up and he was rushed to the hospital. I also planned on making soup for him, but then I cut my thumb and had to get treatment myself. When I was treating my wound, I got a call from my maid saying that he was in critical condition,” said Anthony.

The actor added that upon arriving at the hospital, he was informed that his father-in-law had already passed away.

“I had to take care of the paperwork, identify the body and wait for the family. I even took the time to get stitches for the cut,” he added.

Anthony couldn’t help but express his disappointment over not being able to appear on the show, and apologised to his supporters for what had happened.

When asked of his opinion about the topic of conscience and justice, the actor said that it is a philosophical question.

“Everybody has a different opinion. My definition of justice and your definition may not be similar. Junius may have his own views. It’s a very hard thing to discuss,” he added.

Speaking about the July protest that saw the clash between the police and the protesters, Anthony stated that the incident should be investigated as it has led to panic and anxiety for everyone.

“But I must say that not all cops are bad. While I was getting stitches at the hospital, several cops were very polite to me and even gave me a mask. The problem is in the system, not the people,” he added.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)


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