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  1. I went from checking Twitter twice an hour to deleting it from my phone when it would reset this every time. I can’t f’ing imagine why anyone would prefer it, or why they’d cater to the most casual users. Put the ads front and centre for all I care, just let me scroll chronologically for shits sake!!

  2. By making it as inconvenient as possible for you to continue sorting by most recent, social media sites control narratives presented to the user. Rather than raw unfiltered posts, you only get the stuff that has been approved by all the low-IQ groupthink cattle.

    This is the same reason why you will see comment sections disabled on questionable YouTube videos or on Reddit posts that get locked. Control what people read and what message is being broadcast by limiting what opinions people can read.

  3. Social media does this not because they think you want it, but because it keeps you scrolling on their page longer on the off chance you may run into new content.

    They go for whatever keeps you on their site longer, which isn’t always going to line up with what you really like.

  4. Install social fixer. Not only does it force the sort by recent setting, you can also set it to filter posts about politics, religion, family drama, and so on. After I got through setting up all my filters I only see ads but at least their in chronological order.

  5. Omg even Strava does this, drives me crazy. Like I just want to see mine and my friends activities in chronological order. They don’t even give you the choice. It’s not like they are fitting ads in and stuff. It’s some insane UX wankery that users don’t actually want

  6. Im so glad you post these on reddit so I can go back and catch up on the last month when I forget. One of my favorite webcomics.

    I miss Dr. McNinja and QC has gotten to be such a part of my life since ’06 that I can’t quit now even if I kinda lost interest a long time ago. I dread the day Randall Munroe stops writing XKCD.

    Keep up the amazing content, I got paid today so I’ll buy a shirt or something.

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