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Best Steam summer sale 2019 deals: Borderlands 2, PUBG and more discounted games – mm
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Best Steam summer sale 2019 deals: Borderlands 2, PUBG and more discounted games



Revisit Pandora with Borderlands 2 for cheap in the Steam Summer Sale. 

Gearbox Studios

Steam sales let gamers pick up PC games for a fraction of the regular price. They’re big events, and this time around, as in previous years, Valve reportedly had a hard time keeping its online store up and running. 

The Steam Grand Prix Summer Sale started Tuesday, but some folks wanting in on the deals reported on Reddit that they wound up seeing an error screen. After a little more than half an hour, though, Steam was back up and the sale was on. 

Almost every game available in the online store is discounted. 

Here are a few of the bigger titles featured:

Returning in this year’s summer sale is a meta game within the sale. Steam Grand Prix will have users create teams with friends and compete for points by completing challenges within games available on Steam. Each day, random members of the top three teams in points will receive free games from their wish list. 

There was some confusion over how the Grand Prix meta game worked. Valve wrote a blog post on Thursday about what changes it’s going to make to the game. The company said it’s going to add clearer descriptions for Steam users and make changes on the back end to the size of the teams and how they’re performing. 

Valve also made it clear that those randomly chosen players who win for their team would only receive the top game on their wishlist and not a random game. Indie developers took to Twitter Thursday to express their consternation over lack of instructions on Steam as many users purged their wishlist of indie games in favor of upcoming major titles. 

The Steam Grand Prix Summer Sale ends July 9.

Originally published June 25, 10:24 a.m. PT.
This story has been updated regularly throughout summer sale to add the latest featured games. 


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