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Bottom Left – mm
غير مصنف

Bottom Left


Bottom Left


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  1. I’m a 250, 6ft dude and I once slammed a bottle of Pinot Grigio like this chick did, but I ended up passing out face first in the bonfire we were all having. Luckily I was pulled out and extinguished pretty quickly by my pals, suffered no serious injuries.

  2. Used to bring a full bottle of whiskey to parties, down the whole thing then move on to chugging beer Without even being noticeably drunk. People thought I was superhuman For being able to do that. Little did they know I was just an alcoholic that would be 4-5 drinks deep within an hour after waking up and going through a handle of cheap vodka every two days. Whenever I see stuff like this I am reminded of the years I’ve wasted, time that can never be brought back. I see a beautiful young woman entering the same hole I entered. Don’t celebrate this.

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