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  1. I moved to Montana a couple years ago. Moved in with this French couple that had a spare room. They owned 2 cats. I had never had animals before in my life. They go on a trip one week and ask me to watch the cats. They tell me to give them one can of food in the morning, and that’s all they needed. They also said they would take care of the first day. So the first day comes, I wake up, the roommates are gone and the cat food bowls are empty. I figured the cats all ready ate. I come home that night, after work, at like 7pm. The cats are FREAKING OUT. In the time that I had lived their the cats barely moved or made a sound, but they ran up to me meowing like crazy. I start freaking out, what’s wrong? Maybe they forgot to feed them in the morning?! OMG! HAVE THEY GONE ALL DAY WITHOUT FOOD?? WHERE’S THE FOOD!?! I open all the cupboards, no cat food, did these french fucks really not leave me any food for these poor dying cats? I get in my car, speed to the grocery store. WHAT THE FUCK DO CATS EAT!?!? I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS! Fancy feast? I’ve seen those commercials. These cats are kinda fluffy and prissy looking, FUCK IT WE’RE GETTING FANCY FEAST! These cats aren’t dying on my watch. I speed home, the cats are still freaking the fuck out. CALM DOWN PAPA’S HERE WITH SOME FOOD. ONE CAN?! FUCKKK THAT THESE CATS NEED NOURISHMENT STAT! TWO CANS!! These fat lil fucks slop that shit up so fast, turn to me still meowing. WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU WANT!?! I call the french rooommates. “Hello? BONJOUR?! Your cats won’t shut up, I fed them, I don’t know what to do!”… well turns out they were fed, and these fuckers were playing me like a violin. Also the cat food was on the counter and I completely missed it.

    TL;DR – Fuck cats.

  2. Have had multiple cats over the post 22 years..Can confirm, this is incredibly accurate. All it takes is a 1cm spot in the bottom of the bowl without food and the cat acts like it is about to starve to death any moment.

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