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  1. Women assume that all men want sex all the time and maybe 99% of the time that’s true but there’s usually 365 days in a year and something like 3.5 billion men on Earth and so sometimes some men just want to sit back and watch Keanu Reeves fuck their wife.

  2. That sex scene is probably what led to their divorce. Imaging looking at your beautiful wife and being distracted every time by the thought of that beautiful specimen, Keanu, sliding his immortal body up against hers, their greasy body-juices merging into a steaming puddle beneath them. How could you satisfy her after that? How could she satisfy you?

  3. “One of the women in the film is married to the director, It’s his wife.”

    Ya…. I would have easily guessed the woman married to him would also be the wife, that’s how marriages usually work.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

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