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Buddy of mine who stepped up and got married


Buddy of mine who stepped up and got married


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  1. Couldn’t someone have made this guy an appropriately sized box to stand on? So he didn’t have to crouch on the front leg and tiptoes on the back leg? Makes the whole thing seem kinda awkward and uncomfortable.

    But God bless ’em, best of luck.

  2. Thanks everyone for the love!!!! This was the best day of our lives and the best moment of the day
    The stool was made by my husbands son for this moment. He was 10 at the time. I am 6ft. He is 5’6. I was wearing flat as could be sandals.
    I just want to say it is a shame so many of you based our marriage on money. I understand it’s the internet and you dont know a thing about us. But it’s sad that is how society is when it comes to something like this.
    We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary and are happier than we have ever been.
    I love my little hobbit and he very much loves his giraffe!

  3. I’m 5’11 and my wife is 6’4. I am fair to midland in the looks department but she is drop dead gorgeous. When we started dating, she said most guys her height didn’t want to date her. Their loss, is my gain. I grabbed on to her and didn’t let go. She is my best friend, and we don’t even notice the height difference anymore.

  4. My uncle was 6’5″. His wife was 6′. Their son (just finished law school) is 6’10.5″.

    I was walking down the Las Vegas Strip talking with him. Someone said “Excuse me… ” He turned and said “6’10.5” and then kept walking. I asked how often that happens. He said several times a day.

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