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Chuck E. Cheese has a darkside.


Chuck E. Cheese has a darkside.


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  1. I’ve known about this dark side for a long time. A friend of mine were at a Chuck E. Cheese a looooong time ago, playing some off-road racing game with a sit down ATV (or maybe it was a bike, I forget exactly). In this game it was possible to run over the people standing on the side of the track cheering you on. After we had been playing a bit, Chuck came over and watched us play, and once our turn was up he held up a token indicating he wanted to play.

    So naturally, being his establishment, we let the mouse play, and he immediately starts running people over with that huge smile frozen on his face.

    It’s a memory that’s burned into my brain forever.


    Sorry for yelling and I’m sure this is partly why you posted ‘envy’ but after watching it a second time the mouse looks in your direction, notices you filming him/her and quickly turned away.

    And sorry if I’m captain obvious I just really love this vid

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