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Do not peck the trunk


Do not peck the trunk


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  1. One of my roommates had a job at a zoo and told e a story about how he was nearly killed by an ostrich while cleaning out their habitat. The procedure wasn’t supposed to be done while the zoo was open to the public or while the ostriches were still roaming around but the zoo didn’t have enough staff to do it after hours.

    They were supposed to clean up the shit and collect the eggs to keep them from over-breeding. They were cleaning up the ostrich habitat while a group of 4th graders was visiting. One of the female ostriches caught him taking the eggs and started chasing him in front of the 4th graders while they were cheering the ostriches on. In a panic, he grabbed the shovel and swung it at the ostrich striking its neck and immediately breaking it. The ostrich began violently flailing around in front of the horrified 4th graders.

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