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Driving Around Cops – mm
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Driving Around Cops


Driving Around Cops


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  1. I almost got into an accident yesterday for this shit. Car in front of me going the speed limit notices cop sitting off to the side road immediately slams on brakes to go 15 under. My comfortable following distance quickly disappeared, and the asshole tailgating me almost slammed into me.

  2. Back in highschool, a friend and I were leaving my house in separate cars. As I was getting into mine, he walked back to my car to point out there was a cop about 3 blocks down the street ahead. After his warning, he got in his car, and drove on the wrong side of the street for two blocks straight towards the cop until they pulled him over.

    Seemed like they had a good sense of humor about it, I guess they know people forget how to drive sometimes and let him go with no ticket.

  3. I was driving up to a stop sign, applying my breaks to stop. Noticed a cop parked across the street, making sure people stop at the stop sign. Got flustered and rolled through the stop sign instead of stopping. Got pulled over.

  4. *sits up straight, puts hands at 10 and 2, signals and makes a slow gentle lane change 10 seconds later, while exaggeratedly checking mirrors*

    Fuck, fuck, that’s too obvious.

    *resumes slouch, slowing down slightly, returning to one-handed grip, then realizes slowing down is too obvious too, and speeds back up*


    *cop drives by with a wave*

    Oh yeah, I’m white, and I’m in my 40s now, and my car is clean. Jesus. I need to relax.

    *hits weed vape pen, turns up sexually violent old school rap song about brutally oppressive white people and murderous police, and resumes texting to potential Tinder affair, after dismissing a notification about getting more likes from other 40-year-old white people on progressive political stance*

    Shit is so fucked right now.

    *hasn’t looked at the road except with peripheral vision in fifteen minutes*

  5. Man I have the opposite problem – I drive too well when a cop is near by trying to maintain the *exact* posted speed limit, no rolling stops and blinkers at every turn. It’s super annoying to both me and, I’m sure, the cop and other drivers. No one really drives like that day-to-day – We all speed, unless it’s like a school zone or neighborhood, and it’s expected.

  6. When I see cops I just get mad. Once upon a time I believed that the cops were there to help people, and now I just see them all hopped up on power waiting for someone to twitch the wrong way. Because legally they can kill me and I can’t do shit to defend myself if I have to deal with them. I’m a law abiding citizen but fuck the police for all the bad ones making me nervous about having to worry if the cop I’m dealing with has had a bad day or is just a sociopath who gets off on ordering other people around. I’d love to join a police force and be an agent of good in the world, but I’ve done stupid shit in my past so I’m precluded from that option.

  7. I had one tailgating me at night and I though it was just a random person riding my ass so I started hugging the right side to let them pass and “whoop” lights went on and I got pulled over for “touching the white line.”

    Part of the reason I quit my job. I hated going to work after 2am. Cops always out patrolling for drivers leaving the bars after closing.

  8. I work at the police station (as dispatch not as a police officer) and I’m around cops 40 hours or more a week. I still get nervous when a cop car pulls in behind me even if I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.

    However I’m not afraid to pass them if they’re driving under the limit and I wish people would get over that shit instead of choking up the rest of traffic being overly cautious.

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