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Grog meets technology


Grog meets technology


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  1. I can only assume he’s never been to an airport before or seen one of these on TV before and is just guessing what the fuck is going on. He could be a wind up merchant doing it for the giggles but sense of humour is different to mine.

  2. We have advanced security screening at my job, and security is pretty much just on their phone watching Netflix or sports 90% of the time. As a matter of fact, laptops are supposed to be screened separately, and I just started leaving it in my backpack a year ago. No one has said shit, once.

  3. You went through the X-ray machine. You absorbed a bunch of radiation. We know how much change you are carrying, that you have one nut and we saw your bones you have osteoporosis. But I’m still going to need you to go through the metal detector.

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