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He seems impressed.


He seems impressed.


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  1. This happened to one of my friends at an Avs game. She said yes in the moment and proceeded to return the ring and end the engagement after. She asked him what he would have done if she said no. He responded with he didn’t know.

    They weren’t in a good place. He had gotten her to co-sign on a line of credit that he used to buy the ring, a car and a bunch of hookers and blow.

    Edited: to distinguish that I don’t know these people. I hope she has good credit and didnt get screwed over.

  2. Bruh when the guy got tears in his eyes towards the end of that it just hit me in the feels. It just felt like such a genuine display of emotion it made me wanna go vibe with a cup tea near a fire or some shit cliche like that

  3. Dude the guy ruined it. If you see something like that happen you clap and smile. You don’t run into the shot and make some dumbass face.. granted if you make your proposal a public spectacle you should expect that but the fact that you need to expect that is really shitty..

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