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  1. Why does the cashier girl squat down after but remain keeping eye contact with him? That’s so awkward and strange to me. Maybe dude doesn’t even notice the security footage, he’s just reacting to the upsetting face the girl is making at him haha

  2. I hope the old lad behind him giving him the wink isn’t even in on it, it’s just some lads uncle Donal that gets a bit out of hand every now and then when he has one pint too many but sure he’s harmless really

  3. Is this all fake, including the ”mark?” It just seems that no one’s reaction is authentic. The wink is over dramatic and misplaced (unless the old dude is trying to hit on him or something), and the target seems to get scared rather quickly instead of being a little more curious about the image he’s seeing…to say nothing of the fact that he doesn’t seem to question the reaper’s appearance (a man-made concept and representation) at all. I’m just saying…if the Grim Reaper actually existed, it wouldn’t look that cheesy.

  4. I realize I’m probably going to get downvoted for this but – I can’t imagine how someone would be stupid enough to fall for this.

    The grim reaper? Really? And he only appears on the video feed, not in real life? Really? And there’s an old man standing where the grim reaper was standing and he winks at me? *really*?

    It’s not even remotely believable.

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