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How high were you?


How high were you?


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  1. Okay, it sounds unattractive outwardly talking about “metaphysics” and “divination” as she was. But mushroom medicine is a real thing that should be studied further as well as non-physical phenomenon. You won’t turn into her, don’t worry! Yeah aliens are cool and all, but so is your inner self! Get to know it.. and when you do. Keep it to yourself. 🍄😘

  2. As someone who takes psychedelics, this shit is all over r/lsd and its really annoying when you try to voice safety to first timers and these people butt in with “don’t try to avoid bad trips, if it’s a bad trip then it’s meant to be.” How about do what you can to mitigate that in the first place and have a good time? I’ve seen people recommend to a first timer to take 400ug (double of what is already a significant dose for first time) and sit in a dark room, alone in silence the whole time. Don’t do that, you might have an amazing time but it’s better/safer to have a sitter get a good set and setting for your first rodeo.

  3. People saying she’s crazy but this one time at a gig we took Molly and acid. Got home tripping, smoked a few joints, then ate some mushies and had a few nangs. I have never believed in outer body experiences or any of that wacky shit. But that night when I closed my eyes after having a few nangs, I was flying through space/a Kaleidoscope, I was completely weightless and was looking down at Earth. I have never hallucinated like that in my life it felt like hours but it would’ve been minutes. Just thought I’d share if anyone hadn’t experienced psychedelics before.

  4. Well these comments are surprisingly refreshing to see. Thought everyone was going to be insulting her and calling her a weirdo like a bunch of normies, but looks like people are actually starting to be more open minded.

  5. Oh yeah. I used to take 4-aco-dmt somewhat frequently. It’s basically mushrooms. But the dose is super small. 25mg ≈ 3.5gs of shrooms. I took 200mg one night. That’s somewhere around an oz of shrooms in one sitting. Wild fucking night to say the least. I’ve done that twice now.

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