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I used to eat a lot just to fit in! – mm
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I used to eat a lot just to fit in!


4 Jul – While other people would resort to starving themselves to be thinner just to fit in, Chinese actress Zheng Shuang admitted that she used to fatten herself just to belong.

According to Epoch Times, the “Meteor Shower” actress, who appeared on a talk show recently, shared that she used to be considered “too thin” back in college, and found it hard to make friends with other girls.

“For a while, I would eat a lot of rice every day. I was desperate to make myself fat,” she said.

Zheng said that her effort to gain weight has caused her to get scolded by her teacher, as she was a student of the Performing Arts.

“Even when the teacher said that I was fat and that my face is chubby, I didn’t care at all. All I thought was; this is the only way I can get together with everyone,” she said.

In the same show, Zheng revealed that she is always envious of people who could burst into tear and wail their heart out.

“Even when I was just a child, I would just cry silently. My mother taught me that crying loudly would annoy others. She said, ‘You can cry, but don’t disturb others’. So I would always make sure to cry silently, even until now,” she said.

(Photo Source: ETtoday)


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