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It is a fun show to watch – mm
غير مصنف

It is a fun show to watch


It is a fun show to watch


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  1. As someone born in 1996 (almost exactly between millenial and gen z) I can say that this feels a lot like your parent arguing with your grandparent while you’re in the living room panicking about how you’re going to keep shit together.
    Gen X is the weird uncle in the room with you smoking a bowl and watching football

  2. As an X’er, I tend to agree with the younger generation on it being well past time older folks stepped aside and stopped trying to run everything – since by and large they’ve run everything into the ground, not caring about the consequences, as they won’t be around to face them. But other than that, a lot of the blanket assumptions on both sides are fairly stupid, and yes, it’s entertaining to watch.

  3. I’m an X’er.

    I’m honestly feeling more of a connection and optimism in Z than anyone.

    We were fucking punks in high school and college. Millennials…I don’t know if they ever really launched. The Z crew seems like they get it. Perhaps out of necessity because we’ve fucked a lot of shit up. All of us.

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