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Just another person tired and sick of receiving these stuff


Just another person tired and sick of receiving these stuff


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  2. This and the ad flyers constantly stuffed in my mailbox are the biggest wastes of paper. I immediately throw every advert I get into the recycling bin… wish there was a way to get these fools to stop the nonsense.

  3. the last time that i got a copy of The Yellow Pages, i decided to leave it on the doorstep of a neighbor nobody liked.

    as i was walking over, i encountered a different neighbor doing the very same thing.

    we just kind of nodded at each other, left our useless telephone books, then walked away.

  4. Attaching a note to phone books that are returned is also a complete waste of time and resources. Do you think the note will be promptly delivered to the board of directors? Does the note contain anything the board doesn’t already know?

    It’s like complaining to a cashier at Macy’s that the web site has problems. Do people really think the cashier controls that?

  5. I got one the other day and they burdened the poor mailman to deliver it. It is currently sitting on the kitchen table, sealed in plastic, until the stack of worthless mail is large enough to pitch or I don’t have room to serve dinner, whichever comes first. Even if I did want to find a number in there, I wouldn’t be able to see the tiny print anyway, with glasses and a magnifier.

  6. Ugh we get them once a year, although they dont seem to have actual people’s phone numbers in it like they used to. Its just all businesses, government and restaurant menus. I use them to pack breakables. Or lay them out when the kids paint.

  7. My apartment block has a recycling bin by the entrance where the mailboxes are, and every day I check the mail, throw away the useless garbage, and notice the other 12 residents did the exact same thing, so why are they being printed?

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