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Long Lights


Long Lights


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  1. I live in Florida and this is not an exaggeration lol

    Edit: if you’re confused just read through the thread. If you’re still confused, then accept that this is how Floridians live. Please stop moving here, it’s really crowded lol.

  2. Just getting back from a family trip to Orlando/Universal Studios and the ridiculously long lights were the first thing my wife and I noticed! I thought maybe we were exaggerating the wait time in our heads because we were always eager to get where we were going, but maybe not?

  3. Live in Florida. Can confirm. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten it where the left turn light does not turn green while the other lights turn green at least 3 times then *IF* the left turn light turns green, it’s green for 5 seconds so you have to wait again. It makes me want to go all Florida Man.

  4. There’s a red light near my work that’s ridiculously long. Worse is if some idiot decides to try turning left then you end up having to wait for a full cycle again. It can be the difference between being at work 5 minutes early if you happen to hit it when it’s green, or 5 minutes late if you get stuck behind an idiot turning left.

  5. Fuck. I think I counted **SIXTEEN** different stoplights in the frame alone, and it’s not a full shot of the intersection. Obviously the solution to ever-increasing traffic is BUILD MORE LANES, right? Nobody told Florida Man about this little thing called induced demand?

  6. This particular intersection is notorious for being way long during season. During the Florida winter all the old people from the north infiltrate here and they have to change the light timings to accommodate the influx of traffic.

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