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Martin Scorsese is ’embracing’ death


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Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese is “embracing” death.

The 77-year-old filmmaker takes an “is what it is” approach to his own mortality and he is “letting go” of the fear surrounding death.

He said: “You just have to let go, especially at this vantage point of age … The point is to get rid of everything now. You’ve got to figure out who gets what or not. Often, death is sudden. If you’re given the grace to continue working, then you’d better figure out something that needs telling. As they say in my movie, ‘It’s what it is.’ You’ve got to embrace it.”

And the ‘Irishman’ director wants to spend more time with loved ones, family and friends, as he knows his time is infinite.

He added: “I would love to just take a year and read. Listen to music when it’s needed. Be with some friends. Because we’re all going.

“Friends are dying. Family’s going. I’ll read a book or I’ll meet a person and I’ll say, ‘Ah! I’m going to make a film on this.’ Over the years I’ve been able to do it. Now it’s narrowing way down.”

However, Martin has seemingly vowed to continue making movies as whilst he appreciates that both time and energy is “so limited”, he insists that “curiosity” certainly isn’t and it “doesn’t end”.

Speaking to the New York Times newspaper, he shared: “The problem is, time is limited and energy is so limited – the mind, also, of course. Thankfully, the curiosity doesn’t end.”

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