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  1. I was a gym member for more than a decade.

    I would see new members come in, and go super hard for their first lesson (or sometimes week) …and then never show up again. They hurt themselves, or set a level they knew they couldn’t match every time, so they discouraged themselves….

    Don’t. Take it easy the first time you come in. Do it in a relaxed fashion. As your level of fitness grows, start to increase.

    Never go hard on your first visit…instead, go easy. Make your visit pleasant! And then you’re more likely to come back.

  2. Tip: Use that motivation to make a daily routine and commit to it. Write it down, and use definitive statements like “Work out for 30 minutes every day”. Then, do that routine every day without any excuses, and mark that you did it each day on that same sheet of paper or on a paper calendar. If you skip a single day for any reason (even a good reason), you will quit entirely soon after. So, don’t skip ever for any reason.

    Treat it like a job. Once you get into the mindset that it’s not optional, you’ll do it.

    **Bonus** tip for the extra lazy: Trick yourself with a stupid simple statement that just gets you over the “start moving” energy. For example, instead of “Work out for 30 minutes,” use “Go to the gym for 30 minutes.”

    And when it comes time to do it, you trick yourself, “Well, we don’t have to do anything while we’re there, but let’s just go to the gym and then play on our phone for 30 minutes.”

    Then, you get to the gym, and you could just play on your phone, but most times you’ll think to yourself, “Well, we’re already out of the house, so we might as well move some weights around until we get bored. Then we can play on our phone, and it’ll be like our reward for dealing with our bullshit daily routine.”

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