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My 11 ‘Food Rules’ for Healthy Eating and How I Followed Them for a Week


When it comes to food, I’ve long believed that everything boils down to Michael Pollan‘s three-part rule: Eat food (meaning real, unprocessed food), mostly plants, not too much. There are so many fad diets—keto, intermittent fasting, Whole30—but at the end of the day, healthy* eating really comes down to eating whole ingredients, especially vegetables, cooked at home when possible, and stopping when you feel full.

I’m asked almost daily about what I’m eating, whether it’s coming from a place that’s kind and curious or suspicious (“Did you really eat that?”), so I started taking photos of my food each day without knowing how exactly I planned on sharing them, whether via Instagram stories or in a full blog post.

My hope in taking the photos was to show how my diet has changed slightly since I last shared it. After Shira pointed out how much “sneaky” sugar I consume, when I recognized my mid-day energy slump, and when I started needing more calories to sustain my workouts, I started shifting the food I eat. As I looked back on my meals, I realized that there are a lot of “food rules” I follow in the back of my mind that I hadn’t even identified as “rules” until I wrote them down. These rules aren’t something I keep taped on my fridge to guilt-trip me, but are more like loose, subconscious guidelines I keep in mind as I plan my meals and days. I probably break one every week, if not every day, but find that following them as closely as I can helps me feel my best. Here are the 11 “food rules” I keep in mind when planning meals and eating: 


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