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My cat has killed all my fantasies of having a cat – mm
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My cat has killed all my fantasies of having a cat


My cat has killed all my fantasies of having a cat


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  1. I’m sorry sir/mam, but you appear to have received a defective model. There were some quality control issues with that lot. Please place it in the original shipping box, apply the included return shipping label, and drop it off at your local UPS store. Catazon will ship you a replacement immediately, and as an apology, we will upgrade you to the new Cat Ultra model for free. The Ultra is guaranteed to leave a small dead animal in your slipper at least once per week, and the type of dead animal is configurable from our free app, Catastrophe. We appreciate your business!

  2. Ya I hear ya man. My dog is rarely dog-like and it’s pretty disappointing. He won’t fetch or tug of war with toys, I have to drag him out of the house to go on walks. After he poops at the park he will do a tiny four or five stride run and it’s always like, “wow, look at him go!”

  3. my cat likes to laugh at my foolish cat purchases as well. Looks just like ops too. Never tried to frighten it with veggies but wont play with pretty much any toy i bought the thing. Thinks laser pointers are stupid.

    But also doesnt try to climb on my computer desk while im working.

  4. It’s funny my cat looks almost exactly like this, tabby down to all the same white spots, and he also couldn’t care less about most toys.

    He’s the sweetest cat ever though, he’ll let you hold him forever if you’re standing and carry him around. His main feature is he’s incredibly motivated for treats, so I’ve taught him how to high-five and shake and fist bump to get them.

  5. I consider myself an expert in cat play. You’re making common mistakes thinking the cats respond to the toy by the presence of the toy. What they really like is to hunt. If you hide behind the couch and reveal part of the toy then have it behave like an animal moving gradually out of view it’ll drive the cat nuts. It will have to be interested then. It might not chase the first few times, but you’ll definitely get its attention.

    Most importantly, never try to get the cat interested in playing by having the toy move toward the cat. That’s a huge turn off. Prey doesn’t move toward the cat; it moves away from the cat.

  6. I had one like that. We got her at the pound and my wife picked here because all the other kittens were running in circles acting insane and she was just laying in the corner, looking bored.

    She was the most chill creature I’ve ever met, just like this one.

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