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My cousin’s sign on his Prius.


My cousin’s sign on his Prius.


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  1. Not in Pennsylvania. My old doctor warned me several years ago that another patient had recently left his dog in his locked truck, which was running and had the AC on, and was ticketed for leaving the dog in the car. I don’t remember the fine now, but I want to say it was over $1k. Possibly $2k. It was outrageous regardless.
    If you live in or visit PA (or at least Butler County, PA). It’s now illegal to leave a dog in the car. Period.
    (If the law has since been amended I was not informed. To the best of my knowledge, it’s still the law.)

  2. I own both a Prius and a Tesla. I also have a service dog who understands sometimes I don’t need her help, like getting a cup of coffee. Few months back I came out of the pharmacy to someone on the phone with the police. Instead of saying anything like the last 1000 times I just stood back and watched. I knew it was 72F with water available inside the car. I then watched him smash my window with a rock and pull my dog out on extremity hot black top. I then intervened and the police were there in 30 seconds.

    Long story short he was cited with a misdemeanor, $5000 fine and restitution for repairs for interfering with a service animal. The judge was a rock star as my dog and I sat there listening to his defense.

  3. The car’s windows are open, the car is standing on a parking spot that have a shadow, the dogs have water and food. How do you stop people from thinking the dogs are in trouble when one of the dogs almost hyperventilate when left in the car?

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