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my favorite soap


my favorite soap


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  1. I always laugh when some high-priced razor company is showing a commercial that says you should buy it because some woman will touch my face and be impressed by how smooth it is.

    That has literally never happened in history *and I’m married!*

  2. I kinda wish my soap, shampoo, and deodorant were all unscented. Maybe even toothpaste too, but I suspect it would taste like shit without the flavorings.

    If I want to give myself a scent, I actually have a special thing just for that. I can even control how much scent I have.

  3. Let’s talk about scents for a second. Your laundry detergent has a scent, your fabric softener has a scent, your shampoo has a scent, your deodorant has a scent, your body wash or bar soap has a scent, and unless you carefully planned it out, all of these scents are different, possibly conflicting, and then maybe you add a perfume or cologne, because that’s what you want people to smell. It makes no sense. Instead, keep most of those things unscented, exactly because you’re going somewhere and you want to present a unified olfactory presence.

  4. Reminds me of this bit from Home Movies where Brendon reluctantly agreed to have a sleepover at this other kids house.

    “Here’s dinner, it’s rice.”
    “What kind of rice?”
    “Rice rice.”
    “But what flavor rice?”
    “Rice flavored rice.”

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