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Now you know!


Now you know!


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  1. This is an old trick, Health insurance companies always had lots of stairs in front of their office to stop old & sick people getting in.

    And they’ve ripped out the handrails just to make sure!

    What a pack of arseholes.

  2. Interesting. To get to heaven you need to walk up a great flight of stairs which takes a lot of effort and time or you can choose the fast and easy way to hell on the highway. This actually makes a lot of sense from a philosophical standpoint.

  3. My understanding of Stairway to heaven is, someone who sold her soul for material wealth.

    *There’s a lady who’s sure*
    *All that glitters is gold* (materialistic worldview)
    *And she’s buying a stairway to heaven* (ticket to luxury?)
    *When she gets there she knows*
    *If the stores are all closed* (explicit example)
    *With a word she can get what she came for* (the promise)

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