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Oh no, this is not good.


Oh no, this is not good.


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  1. I’m gonna leap in to defend #1


    The study wasn’t primarily looking at that, they were looking at the length of the period of maximum fertility.

    But they also compared people who had sex daily, every other day and weekly.

    There are a lot of popular myths around conception such as the idea that it’s somehow better to “save it up” for a few days rather than filling your partner up every morning and evening with lots of waffle about sperm maturation etc etc.

    Hindsight bias devalues science.

    Subjects who know the actual answer to a question assign much higher probabilities they “would have” guessed for that answer, compared to subjects who must guess without knowing the answer.

    If instead the researchers had found that pregnancy rates were highest in people who had sex every second day because something,something, sperm maturation everyone would still be saying “that’s obvious”

  2. The frequent sex study could possibly be legitimate. When a couple is having trouble conceiving, there can be a legitimate question about whether it is better to send swimmers out as soon as possible or try to release them en masse.

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