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Roger Kwok says his “Big White Duel” character is no typical villain – mm
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Roger Kwok says his “Big White Duel” character is no typical villain


24 Jun – Roger Kwok would like the viewers to understand that his role in the new drama, “Big White Duel”, is not your typical television antagonist.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who in the drama plays stern doctor Yeung, the deputy director of Ming Shing North Hospital who proposes a plan to completely change the hospital’s bureaucratic model, said that audiences will slowly understand his character’s motivation as the show progresses.

“It’s different from the other villains I played in the past. I usually play antagonists who did things for their own benefit. But this time it is not for his personal gain,” he said.

In an episode of the drama, Yeung performs a surgery on a patient who ends up in a coma.

“The audience might have speculated whether I was helping or harming him. But people started to cry when they realised they had wrongly accused me,” he said.

Speaking about doing something different for his character, Roger revealed that he also filmed smoking scenes for the drama.

“There were only five or six of them in the scenes, but since we had to shoot them at different angles, we did 20 takes. I am not sure whether the scenes were cut or not,” he said.

The actor also revealed that he has more time on his hands now after signing a one-series-per-year contract with TVB.

“My new drama will begin production in October, so I am planning to go on a vacation to Europe with my son,” he said.

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