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Royal Flush vs Quad Aces while Raymond is at the table


Royal Flush vs Quad Aces while Raymond is at the table


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  1. Odds of 4 of a kind, 1-4,164
    Odds of a royal, 1-649,739

    This would be in the billions. (random fact, theres a good chance the deck of cards in your kitchen is in an order no other deck in history has been in.)

    Edit-has numerous people have pointed out, I rashly posted the odds for five card and not seven card. So this whole thing is wrong. Royal in this case is more 1-30k…….

    I feel like an idiot as I’m always amazed what’s upvoted and now I did the same thing I dislike :(. My fault, happy new year!!!

  2. Honestly, I can’t blame the guy for going all in with 4 of a kind aces, I would be so mad yet so amazed I lost to a goddamn royal flush, the odds of this happening are staggering. There’s no way he could’ve folded with that hand unless he knew for a fact the other guy had the royal flush, 3rd best hand in the game vs the absolute best hand in the game.

  3. That’s what happens when you let people draw to a good hand, they end up drawing a good hand.

    Pocket aces should’ve pushed all in long before the river. He had the winning hand the whole time, trying to sandbag people often bites you in the ass.

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