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Saw this gem this morning during car pool.


Saw this gem this morning during car pool.


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  1. My first car was a minivan. I don’t get all the hate towards them. It was more fuel efficient than an SUV (and even some standard sized cars), had more cargo room than an SUV, and had room for seven people in reasonable comfort, with a back seat that wasn’t an afterthought. The only thing it didn’t have that you could get in an SUV was four wheel drive, which isn’t at all necessary for an on-road vehicle.

  2. I’ve always sworn I’ll never drive anything other than a sedan. They are better in every way than SUVs or minivans. More economical, handle better, more fun to drive, easier to fit into tight garages and parking spaces and so on. And cheaper to purchase, on the whole.

    The excuse is always kids. But I don’t get it. We grew up with sedans, and never had a problem fitting, kids and all. We’d go away for a month over Christmas. Even with all that luggage, we fit (though yeah, you occasionally had to perform some Tetris to get things to fit in the boot). Do people these days just need way more space for some reason?

    If you have a more than average number of kids then I can see it, but for the standard developed-country 2 adults 2 kids family, what can you do in an SUV you can’t do in a Camry or an Accord or any other medium to large sedan? Or a hatchback for that matter.

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