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Sex toy in the luggage (his face tho)


Sex toy in the luggage (his face tho)


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  1. Wasn’t there a video where a guy’s friends pranked him by putting a bottle of water in his bag, and then attaching like 6 dildos to it, so the TSA had to take it out and be like “your not allowed to bring this bottle of water with you”

  2. This reminds me of a time me and my ex were travelling to central Australia, she thought it’d be a good idea to pact her vibrator ( why not ) expect she forgot to take the batteries out which apparently must be declared so customs instantly spotted the batteries and they had to be removed . Here’s the funny part we actually made a mistake and our luggage was to heavy to take on board so my mum took our biggest suit case home and left it for my dad to then bring it back to the airport to send over to Alice Springs where we’d pick it up in a week or two. So my poor Dad had to go through my suit case to find My partners fucking dildo vibrator just to take the batteries out Infront of everyone at customs.
    I’m glad I wasn’t there and had to do it myself… Sorry dad xD

  3. I have a buddy that used to work for TSA. He told me they do this all the time on purpose. Makes the job less boring. Fun fact, Mondays and Thursdays have the highest number of BOBs (battery operated boyfriend) on board. According to him, a lot of consultantans who travel M-Th get a little lonely when they are away from home. Who knew?

  4. Kinda the same, kinda different.

    Went to an amusement park when I was younger with my aunt and one of her gal pals and we had packed PB&J sandwiches in our bags. The bag checker was an older man and he found our contraband and told us we either had to trash it or put it in a locker as outside food and drink was prohibited.

    So my aunts friend came up with a plan. She put the sandwiches at the bottom of the bag, pads and tampons at the top, and got in line at a bag checker who was a young man. Needless to say, we had a lovely lunch of PB&J later that day.

  5. Take your batteries out!
    I used to work for an airline. All check in bags for x-rayed. It happened often, today I would get a call from our baggage screeners that they have a bag with an object vibrating in it. Before we can open it, we have to have the person the bag belongs to come to the screening area. Which is a creepy place on it’s own that most travelers will never see. They’ll be myself, a couple of the airport police, baggage screeners, possibly manager or two, and finally the passenger. We can seeing the X-ray what it is, and where it is. In front of all these people, the passenger has to open their bag, and pullout the device in question. Almost everytime, they haven’t put 2 & 2 together first about what it is in their bag vibrating. I’ve seen a couple dozen people in my time die inside upon their discovery. They need to pull it out, shut it off, remove the batteries, and now everyone can see it’s not an explosive, don’t have to worry about it starting a fire, or anything else that can risk the safety of the flight. Put it back in the bag, passenger closes it up. Everyone laughs it off a little, and the passenger can go back to their traveling. Please people, if it vibrates, ticks, makes noise, etc… Take the damn batteries out!

  6. This happened to me meeting up with my girlfriend last year when she flew home to see family a week earlier and I was flying to meet her. I was coming with her sex toy that she had forgotten and a woman at security asked me wtf that silver door handle was in my luggage. I explained it was a toy and another woman working came over and explained that she knew what it was aha

  7. Absolutely Funny Ha Ha.. made me remember when my friends were going to Costa Rica.. Put a renolds aluminum foil in his carry on… It was stuffed with big dildos and gay porn!!…..LOL. Of course pulled aside for a bag check..

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