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Shower screen cleaning hack with Woolworths dishwater tablet


There’s nothing worse than spending hours trying to scrub your bathroom clean only to realise there’s noway you’re getting that shower build-up off with your shower screen. 

Well now one mum has revealed her genius and cheap hack to get her shower screen looking sparkling clean – and best of all, it only costs $15c. 

The woman took to the Mums Who Clean Facebook page to upload a photo of her shower screen and how she managed to make it look brand spanking new again. 

A woman has revealed her genius shower screen cleaning hack. Photo: Getty Images

“Just tried the dishwasher tablet on my calcium shower screen. I have very hard water and it builds up quite quick. A+ from me,” she said. 

The dishwater tablet in question are the Shine Dishwater Tablets from Woolworths, which retail for $4.50 for a 30 pack.

When people questioned how she used them, the woman went on to reveal that she wets the tablets and starts scrubbing. 

The woman’s shower screen was tarnished with calcium build up. Photo: Facebook

Shine dishwater tablets from Woolworths

“I did use a spray bottle with vinegar to keep wetting the surface,” she said. 

Needless to say, people couldn’t stop thanking the mum for sharing her revelation, with many saying they tried it and it worked like a treat. 

“Just finished doing my whole shower with one tablet for the first time. Never going back. Hahaha.

Put a cleaning glove on and wet the tablet and start scrubbing with it. Rinse in between,” one person wrote. 

“Honestly the best thing I’ve ever tried!,” another person wrote. 

Excuse us while we rush off to Woolies before they sell out of these tablets. 

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