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Texas was a close fourth


Texas was a close fourth


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  1. Not sure about the other states but I know Florida has open record laws that allow the public to access information about criminal cases that would be kept private in other states.

    It’s not that there is a higher frequency of crazy stories in Florida, it’s just that other states don’t release private information to the media so you never hear about the crazy shit going on in other states.

  2. I’m from Washington State. While on a work trip in Alaska, I got in a conversation with coworkers comparing how messed up the states we were from or had lived in were. I was proud, because I couldn’t think of anything too screwed up for Washington State. It’s never one people come up with for these types of lists. Then someone brought up [this](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enumclaw_horse_sex_case) and I honestly had nothing to say.

  3. Heyyyyyyy What did California do? We’re trying to set and maintain emissions standards, renewable energy standards, socialised healthcare plans, minimum wage standards, sense-and-reason standards, and other things. We just want people to advance.

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