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That inappropriate moment


That inappropriate moment


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  1. I was at a Catholic funeral. Everyone was very sad and the priest got up to deliver a reading. But every time the priest would say “Jesus” this guy on the far side of the altar in a white robe would lean down slowly and ring a set of small bells.

    Of course, my brain thought this was the most hilarious thing I’d ever seen. And he did it about a dozen times. So I’m sitting there snorting and jiggling trying to keep from bursting out laughing.

  2. At my grandfather’s funeral, I was finishing my prayers at his casket when someone started asking questions about the similarities between my grandfather, my father, and myself. Several minutes later, and I’m still there at my grandfather’s casket, facing the room, telling funny stories. Everyone is laughing. Then my mother calls me out saying”Oh my God. Are you doing a stand-up routine at your grandfather’s casket?” I said “Yep. I’m here to celebrate his life,” and kept going.

  3. Went to a funeral for someone close to my wife’s family the guys step daughter spoke about how his love and memory would keep her strong because of how much he meant to her, I felt really happy for her at that moment….. and my brain told my stupid hands to clap… 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ obviously I was the only jackass to do so. Luckily there were only about 100 people there 🤦‍♂️

  4. Story time:

    My wife and i were at this funeral ftom friends of her family. This woman died from some weird stuff in the hospital i cant remember what. She died in her early 60s, looked waaaay older and i could swear that lady was mentally challenged despite everyone else said “no! she was from average intellect”. Weird background story: this lady had an accident and lived with her older sister and her husband in one house until first her sisters husband died and then herself. None of the sisters had siblings. It was all weird. This lady was far from independend. My wife spend one time one whole afternoon for 5 hours with her sitting in her kitchen in silence. She was not able to hold or make a conversation, just short answers to questions about her life. My wife told me it was a nightmare. She gave up quickly and both sad there in silence. My wife is a flight attendant and can talk to all sorts of people but that lady was the endboss.
    Fastforward, lady died and we ended up at this funeral. Since both sisters werent very social but the surviving sister saved a shit load of money there were some really sketchy people acting as “friends”. Later turns out older sister is a real hustler and play everyone out against each other who think who can benefit from her testament while everyone went out of their way to help her. She changes her testament every 6 months. A bigctime hustler. lol.

    Back to the funeral.
    Wife and i front row. Maybe 15-25 people at the funeral. Most had this weird vibe. It was like in a very bad cliché comedy. The pastor ought to say something about the lady who died. Since not much was happening he shared a story her older sister told him. Sisters and husband went to some health resort years ago and there was this therapy animal, a therapy horse, named “Ronny”.
    As the pastor told this, my wife and i had such a hard time not to laugh. It was so bizarre. It all sounded like the funeral of a 6 year old instead of a 60 year old. It was so fucking bizarre and it didnt help as the pastor repeated “therapy horse Ronny” over and over again. It was brutal.
    The whole setting was more like a sketch from Little Britain than real life.

  5. One of the most shameful memories of mine: me and my best friend attending a baby’s funeral, priest starts saying the rosary with a pronounced lisp…plenty of S’s repeated over and over the entirety of the rosary. Once he started I instantly looked down and was holding it in okay until I got one little side glance from my friend and we both lost it. We would manage to get it together but the rosary just went on and on and more snorts escaped. We fucking laughed at a baby’s funeral. I still cringe when I think about it.

  6. A friend of mine commited suicide in high school. Our 2 other friends went to the funural (I couldn’t make it). That friend was wiccan.
    Sitting at the funural, his parents and family were talking about how much he loved god and how he’s in heaven now and that they will see him again in the next life.
    All my friends could think about was him burning crosses and pissing on religious ideologys when they used to hang out. They were also blazed… Needless to say, they ended up making a scene, and almost got kicked out.
    Pretty funny thinking back on it, but I still miss the guy a lot.
    Here’s to you Eric, we still love you.

  7. Was at my husbands grandmothers funeral and when the priest started talking he sounded just like the priest in Princess Bride. I just kept hearing the priest in that movie “Marwige” I lost it. I tried to stop laughing… I had to walk out till he was done. Grandmother would have been pissed!

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