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The heart of the issue


The heart of the issue


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  1. His tacos come from factory farms, and I’m pretty he isn’t willing to give up the iPhone in his pocket to “stop destroying the earth”. Child protesters are the most ridiculous and exploitable political capital.

  2. Why, you think marching and crying does anything. Stop driving your car, stop running your HVAC, stop playing on your computer, shut off your electric and put your phone away and then maybe, just maybe you can save your precious planet. Until then get your ass to Area 51 and save the aliens from global warming

  3. The “heart of the issue” is that these protestors are all kids and don’t understand how the world works or how ineffective this type of protesting is. If you want to change the world for the better then you need to provide a cheaper solution to major companies, otherwise they don’t give a shit.

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