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The million dollar question


The million dollar question


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  1. Don’t need to even do that. If we could time travel just go back to WWI and avert the workers strikes led by two prominent Jews, make sure the public is unaware of it. anti-Semitism doesn’t spread then to Hitler who was fighting in the front and therefore Germany’s loss has to be blamed on something else. Hitler doesn’t hate jews (or does but) Germany blames another factor and isn’t anti-Semitic, Hitler doesn’t gain momentum off of that propaganda and WWII doesn’t happen.

    Of course we could also just stop the Archduke from being shot also.

  2. Adolf Hitler fighting against time travelers would be a nice movie. Over the years he gets more and more stressed out and paranoid. He is starting to take drugs and becomes mad. One failed assassination attempt leaves behind a necklace of a time traveler: a Star of David.

    But I’d say we should delay the production for at least another 80 years. In the meantime see Adolf Hitler as an imaginary friend.

  3. Presumably most of the time travelers trying to kill him would be of Jewish descent. Not that other travelers wouldn’t, but the Jewish people have the biggest bone to pick. What if *this* is the real reason he hates Jewish people? I guess what I’m really asking is…

    Which came first: Hitler or the time traveling Jewish hit mob?

  4. Time travel, funded by the Jewish people, successfully sends multiple people back in time to kill Adolf Hitler, but all are stopped by the local police. Hitler gets word of their plot and, in an attempt to keep them from reaching their financial status capable of financing time travel, starts speaking about how they’ll run the banks and ultimately he runs a campaign to eradicate them.

  5. I don’t think it would work, but a tongue in cheek movie on this theme and Hitler is reformed and doesn’t go on to be bad might be a fun flick…but ultimately a bad idea in poor taste. Like only Spielberg could pull it off and the idea might just be patently repugnant to him.

  6. This is the perfect plot for a movie. Various time travelers tried to kill him at various points in life. But Hitler survives all of them and also WW2 and then plants nuclear bombs all across the world and kills half the population and all other time travelers and time traveling machines. Then after a few years he regrets his decision and he finds a way to time travel through quantum something method and kills himself. (Resemblance of this story to other movies are purely intentional)

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