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The real issues:


The real issues:


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  1. I work at a pretty big company and someone accidentally included the entire company on a small projects email chain. 2 or 3 “reply all’s” later the first person had enough. He hits reply all and says “I would like to be removed from this email chain.” That’s when all hell broke loose.

    Within an hour 40-50 more reply all’d the same thing. Then the reply all with the “STOP HITTING REPLY ALL”‘s started. It was an endless back and forth. “Please remove me” followed by “stop replying all.” All in all over 200 emails hit us all in about 2 days. Some more trickled through for the next week. Some were absolutely furious. I sat back and loved every minute of it. I’m positive that first guy who hit reply all knew exactly what he was doing. Slick fuck.

  2. I’m in a big company that provides consulting services to a lot of government and DoD clients, with employees world wide. When I lived in San Diego, it was common practice when somebody left the firm for them to send a goodbye email to the San Diego email distro. People replying all to these was a huge problem. People would start replying all to tell the offenders to stop replying all. It was so annoying. One time, someone sent a goodbye email and announced they had gotten a government job. Someone used the reply all to say congrats and tell the guy how much he wants a government job because he hates working for the company. Ouch. He was let go that same day, and the company put out a policy limiting the use of reply all on company wide emails.

  3. Oh man, I have a good story about this. The company I work for had about 44,000 employees at one point. We were moving over to a new time sheet system at some point in 2015/16. Every 2 weeks we’d get a status e-mail that was sent company wide.

    Well eventually these status update e-mails started to indicate that the roll-out was being delayed, week after week. Eventually we got an e-mail 1 month before roll-out that says “Roll-out has been canceled, the project is no longer feasible”

    One guy, I have no idea who he is, never heard of him before or since, replies with “WTF Amigos” and his e-mail signature.

    To be able to reply all to a 44,000 person e-mail means he had some incredible distribution list privileges. Needless to say, his employee contact card was disabled a week later and his e-mail address was removed from the system. I assume he had been fired.

    Now that was a real screw up.

  4. Man I stayed late one day because people were reply all-ing to an email with thousands of people on it.

    Someone went neon green giant text and “LEEROY JENKINS”

    Was on another one this year where people kept asking to be removed, this escalating the problem, and a hero reply all-ed with the logical: “if we all stop replying, no one will get anymore emails”

  5. This happened to State Farm recently. Country wide. People responding, “stop responding” and changing the subject to telling people to stop changing the subject making it a real pain the filter the messages. My dingbat boss didn’t know how to set up filter rules so he hand deleted 5000 emails.

  6. I have the opposite. I write emails where the replies need to be seen by all in the email thread. I always get into work with a reply just to me which is a question for someone else. Then I forward it and the person is now on annual leave. This cycle never ends.

  7. I worked for a company of 1000+ people and after about 40-50 emails of “stop replying all” one of the entry level guys replies all with a pic of some dude with his ass spread and his butthole wearing a top hat lol it was a crack up

  8. My absolute favorite Reply All, at a very large food company, they sent out an email to join a diet and exercise program that would be sponsored by the company. The subject line was “Do you want to cut the fat?”
    One woman replied all, “Yes, I want to cut the fat!!!!!” and went on to describe all of her efforts and frustrations in losing weight to about 2000 folks. We walked around for weeks using her tag line whenever we could fit it in. Good times.

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