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They’ll find you


They’ll find you


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  1. Related story:

    Last year I lived in a different state and had used a quote estimator for auto insurance through a variety of companies, one of them being Geico.

    Today I received a card in the mail at my new address, that I haven’t given to any estimators, that was addressed properly to my new address. It was a birthday card….from Geico.. hoping I consider them for insurance this year..

    So this tells me that either Gieco has access to some sort of government database for addresses, or they bought that info from a third party without my consent. It wasn’t just forwarded from my old address; my new address was printed on the envelope.

    Not sure what to do about this, but it feels like an evasion of privacy if any large company can be updated to my whereabouts like this.

  2. “Which car”

    “Sir you have to give us your VIN number”

    “Yes, but for which car.”

    “Sir, we can’t tell you until you give us your VIN.”

    It’s like they’re not even trying. At least throw out a common model of car.

  3. The bane of anyone who answers phones for a living. Christ, the number of times I’ve been interrupted from talking to customers to get that bullshit is unreal. These assholes aren’t just an annoyance, for small businesses, they almost certainly contribute to real, measurable losses when customers can’t reach us or get put on hold just to answer the spam caller on the other line.

    Oh, and that doesn’t even account for the fact that marketers use phone traffic as a metric of their success, which means we get charged for all those bullshit calls that are indistinguishable from legitimate customer calls.

  4. Ha. Where I live (Belgium) you have to put your 2 and half year old kid in school. My friend was on the beach in Cyprus and got a call asking her where her son was. Madam, those blocks aren’t going to play with themselves!

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