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This guy was renting his place to a mother of 4 for 5 years, only the last year she becae reclusive and strange and wouldn’t let him into the house. When she left, he found this


This guy was renting his place to a mother of 4 for 5 years, only the last year she becae reclusive and strange and wouldn’t let him into the house. When she left, he found this


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  1. My dad rented a bungalow to a young couple with kids, and it was pretty much the same e deal . we spent a whole week cleaning the place up.The thing I remember most was all the porn, and a crate of sex toys we found in a closet.It was a ridiculous amount of porn for anyone to have.

  2. I laughed when I saw this thinking how could someone live like that? Then I saw the blue thing with red and white piping near the guy. My baby daughter has one of those. It’s a baby’s play matt. My smile and bemusement changed instantly to a feeling of sickness and dread. Those poor, poor kids. I hope this mother get some help for her problems.

  3. My “fixer upper” home was similar when I bought it. I was told it would ALL be out. When I got the keys. Well, guess what. Nope! Most was, but there was a serious amount left behind. Luckily, it was documented that it would be gone, snapped some pictures and shot a video or two there, sent to the agents. For a call short while after saying there would be a dumpster arriving in a few minutes. Not sure if the agents paid out of pocket or not, but Christ, how can people live like that!!!?

  4. Dude. This shit happened to my family once. My uncle’s mom was in a retirement home because of her Alzheimer’s, so we rented her house out to a co-worker of my uncle. She stopped showing up to work and wouldn’t answer the phone. He went to check on her in the house. They were gone. The family of 4 just disappeared. They left so much trash in that small house. There were tons of dead animals, mostly rats, and their feces everywhere. They had even bagged up some of them in trash bags and left them laying around. It took us about 4 days of nearly nonstop cleaning just to get all of the trash and dead things out. It was insane

  5. Unfortunately very common. I used to work by-law and would often deal with hoarding houses. Where I’m from at least, tenants have a lot of legal protection and it often becomes hard for landlords to lawfully evict them or hold them responsible without going through the lengthy court process. In that time, they can’t do anything and the situation gets worse and worse. Sometimes tenants do it out of spite, other times it’s just metal illness. It sucked having to charge landlords for fire/building code violations knowing full well that they were doing everything they could to solve the problem.

  6. At my current job were the guys that get called in to clean those messes up. That trash pile is up the to windowsills so maybe 3 feet deep. And in my experience if one room is like that they all are. He is looking at thousands to get that cleaned out, let alone the damage it probably did to the floors and walls.

  7. This is why I would never be a landlord.

    It saddens me, because I know there are plenty of *good* potential tenants out there. People who would be a pleasure to rent to, would respect the property, pay promptly, or at the very most be up front about being late with a payment and make it up the next month.

    But then you get people like this. And the renting laws protect these people to the point where you can’t do anything about them in a prompt fashion, even if they haven’t paid in weeks or months, and have trashed the place. Bugger that for a joke.

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