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Tip this man now.


Tip this man now.


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  1. I watched this like teen times. There’s so much is such a short video..

    There’s the dudes mate response.
    It’s the checking the other vessels have coasters.
    Watching the bar tender himself.
    Watching the other patrons.
    Looking at exactly how he puts down the can (?) So that it arrests the coasters movement perfectly.
    Everything. Just everything….

  2. To everyone bitching about reposts:


    I have been a redditor for over six years, and nearly *every day* do I see something I personally have never seen before, and *enjoy it*, only to encounter a bunch of gatekeeping jerkoffs crying about reposts in the comments.

    Get a grip, get a life, and realize that just because something is old to *you* doesn’t mean that it can’t be new and interesting to others.

    OP, thanks for the post. As a guy who bartended for years before my current career, I thought this was awesome.

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