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  1. Same type of thing happened just the other day on CNN. They did a segment on Juul inhalers saying how they were dangerous and no one should use them. It was followed by, you guessed it, a commercial for Juul inhalers.

  2. Why is every post that references vegans/vegetarians always filled with the most idiotic comments on all of Reddit?

    EDIT: wow pleasantly surprised by the insightful comments, and relatively non-inflammatory discussion, thank you all!

  3. I wish they would stop ads like these. Emotional appeal doesn’t work, because it’s apart of our culture* to eat meat.

    However, it’s a good idea to limit your meat consumption. At the rate we consume it, it’s extremely unstable. Animals continue to require more water, more food, more land, and more energy due to the demand of meat. We’ve already used up our year’s worth of resources that the Earth could replenish a couple months ago. Cows create a big portion of methane, which isn’t good for the environment. Red meat is bad for you in large quantities anyway.

    Eat more fruits and veggies for your health, and limit your meat to small portions. Choose chicken and fish, which are much healthier. These options also have less of an impact on the environment. (please note that overfishing is a whole different topic, and eating fish can have bits of micro-plastics due to pollution. On average, you eat a pen’s worth in plastic every week. This depends on your diet though.)

    And I know this is a bit controversial, but there’s nothing wrong with deer meat. If you have an infestation of deer in your area (which is common in most places in the US due to hunters killing their “competition” aka wolves) I would recommend buying local deer meat, or maybe even getting a hunting license, cutting out the middle man! You can send it to a butcher and get some good cleaning. If you don’t know how to inspect meat, I’d do some really good research and take some professional classes.

    I may be vegetarian, but I’m also not stupid. I chose this lifestyle because I don’t agree with the instability and energy that goes into meat. Not everyone will share my opinion. Also, I’ve been vegetarian for 6 years so I’m pretty sure I’d throw up if I tried to eat meat. I’ve heard the horror stories. But I hope this can sort of help out people who don’t want to give up eating meat, but still care for the environment! (What a shocker, you can do what your body naturally desires and STILL care for the environment! checkmate vegans)

    *because people are only focusing on this, instead of the points I’m trying to make, I’m fixing it.

  4. It is so weird to me how people have zero compassion for animals and get all bristly when you call out the hypocrisy of watching feel good Dodo videos of cows playing with beach balls and then turning around and eating a burger.

    Like if you want to eat meat that’s fine but at least have enough self respect to acknowledge the pretty violent process where your food comes from.

  5. Sorry I can’t find any sympathy for the death of a turkey. If someone wants to advocate for decent treatment of livestock then I’m there. If someone wants to discuss the sustainability of our meat heavy diet, fine. But turkeys dying simply isn’t a concern. Save the pity whoring for animals that actually need it.

  6. At some point we have to honestly ask ourselves if our nature needs to be universally moral; we exist through the death of other life, every single day. Certainly we can minimize that and be more responsible, but trying to shame someone over what is a fundamental natural process is probably a bad start.

  7. Being vegan saves the lives of innocent animals who imo don’t deserve to be raised as objects. On top of that, factory farming destroys the other ecosystems.

    “I don’t care about animal lives”

    Okay well does the climate change and deforestation help you understand the importance of thinking more vegan?

    “We need meat in diet”

    Humans can evolve and find ways to preserve life without needing to mass kill other forms of life. It just takes change of culture, which has been long indoctrinated within us.

    “No I can’t live without meat”


  8. Aw it’s actually kind of sad, I mean other animals don’t want to die, just saying.

    Example – on a really cool subreddit, called /r/AccidentalRenaissance there’s a picture of a goat and a coffin. And many other cool pics.


    Take it as a metaphor for a second, you and the goat are both animals. But when people die a lot of people get buried (not everyone) or are treated with some ceremony. But the goat, people just eat them and throw the bones in the trash, or usually at best the compost pile. There’s no ceremony, just a full belly and the satisfaction of eating an animal.

    But to the goat, it’s life was important and it would like to still be alive I’m sure.

    (Also, I understand that some people want no ceremony, or want cremation, or want to be yeeted into a garbage dump, fine)

  9. It’s so weird that they often try this line of reasoning, that you should consider an animal as morally equivalent to a human, rather than what I think is the far better argument that animal agriculture is pretty disastrous for the planet. I’m not vegan or even vegetarian but shit like the amazon burning for cattle ranchers has got me to cut my meat consumption down to once or twice a week rather than everyday.

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