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Wasn’t ready for Hibachi


Wasn’t ready for Hibachi


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  1. I had to be escorted out of the back draft ride at universal when I was 10 because of how scared I was of the flames. I’m now a firefighter who also works with wildfires. This little dude is young me (but male) and is my young spirit animal.

  2. Imagine being this kid
    You feel the safety of your parents taking you out to consume food from the people in funny headwear while being stuck in a rather difficult-to-get-out-of person rest appliance.
    Most likely you’ve been told of the danger of fire, your instincts tell you it hurts and evolution also whispers “dat shit good but big bad my guy”
    Then while you watch your siblings around you and study the environment because you’ve never been in such a strange place the funny hat man grabs a cylindrical liquid holder and squeezes it over the black plate
    all your instincts kick in and you try to run.
    But the rest appliance won’t let you move more then enough to adjust your body slightly.
    All you can do is scream as the sun burns in front of you.
    Your survival chance is low and you hope it ends quick

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