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Wrestling fan’s reaction to a kick


Wrestling fan’s reaction to a kick


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  1. he reacted that way because Shawn hasnt taken any single bump for years ever since his retirement. So him taking a superkick (his finisher) meant that he actually can take bump all this time, which also meant he can return to the ring which he also did some months later (just one time tho). Shawn Micheal is kind of a big deal in a wrestling world, so any sign of him returning will always draw out reactions like that at anytime

  2. Reminds me of a hilarious conversation between my mom and grandma. Grandma loves watching WWE but my mom is like “You know this is fake, right? It’s all an act!” then someone jumps from the turnbuckle and elbow drops the shit out of another guy and my foreign ass grandma is like “Look! Look at that! There’s no way that’s fake!” and my mom gets more and more frustrated lmao

  3. As far as I know wwe (and I assume other major wrestling brand) puts random “hype guys” that exaggerate their reactions in strategic spots that are easy to find for the camera crew. They help selling the show and make people around them more comfortable to react as well.

    No idea if this guy is one of those, though.

    Couldn’t find a source for this but I remember seen a video about it a few years ago.

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