These Bollywood Divas Tripped On Ramp But Handled It Like A Total Boss


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Imagine being dressed to the nines with hair and makeup totally on fleek and sashaying across the ramp while an auditorium full people clap and cheer. Dreamy, right? For our Bollywood divas, though, it is just another day at work. However, nothing turns this dreamy affair into a haunting nightmare more than a pesky fall.

With elaborate ensembles and sky-high heels, tripping and falling on the ramp is as frequent as it is unfortunate. While most people would be traumatized forever, when the same happens to our Bollywood divas they handle it like a total boss. Don’t believe us? Check out these pictures of Bollywood divas who tripped on the ramp and then continued like nothing happened like a total boss.

Sonakshi Sinha

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For a Blender Pride fashion show, Sonakshi’s gown came got tangled with her heels and she almost tripped. However, the actress continued unfazed.

Parvathy Omnakuttam

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She suffered a similar fate in Dubai but what was a total pro at handling it.

Suhmita Sen

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While walking for IIJW, Sushmita slipped multiple times, but did continued as if nothing happened.

Yami Gautam

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For the on-going LFW, Yami tripped and slipped multiple times but finished her work amidst loud cheer from the audience.

Sushmita again

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During another ramp walk, Sushmita was just about to start her walk when she noticed that she was losing her balance as the train of gown got tangled with her heels. But instead of getting all tensed, she gracefully called her mom and stage, got rid of the sticky situation and continued. Because, that’s how pros do it!

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Late Sridevi

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While walking the ramp for Neeta Lulla back in 2010, Sridevi was almost about to trip and fall. However, she tackled the situation with the amount of grace and poise that only she was capable of.

Sona Mohapatra

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This Bollywood singer is a bonafide diva and she proved it when she tripped and fell on stage while performing at the LFW and then continued without missing a beat.

Poonam Dhillon

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The yesteryear actress had a serious fall while walking the ramp for Vikram Phadnis but she continued her walk with a smile.

Zoa Morani

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The Always Kabhi Kabhi actress also had a similar experience which she tackled nicely.

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