Aaron Kwok prepares daughter for new sibling


22 Mar – Aaron Kwok is soon to welcome his new baby, which is why he has been spending a lot of his time focusing on his family and preparing daughter Chantelle for her sibling.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared at a Louis Vuitton event recently, shared that he has been communicating a lot with his darling daughter about the new addition.

“She is almost one and a half year old. I have been telling her that she is going to be a big sister soon and asked her to be nice,” he said.

Aaron also seemed very proud when talking about Chantelle, saying that his daughter has learned to talk a lot.

“She’s talking clearly now, and likes to wave at people. A lot of my colleagues melt when they see her,” he enthused.

As for his pregnant wife Moka Fang, Aaron stated that he is trying his best to be a good husband for her.

“I try to make my wife happy in all aspects. I want her to have a happy pregnancy,” he said.

In unrelated news, Aaron was asked about Louis Koo’s intention to produce another instalment of his hit 1998 film, “The Storm Riders”. The actor, who played Cloud in the previous movies, admitted that he was contacted about the project and would decide depending on the script.

“I have no qualms working with anybody,” he said.

(Photo Source: Aaron Kwok Instagram)


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