Eating these two things together could cause extra weight gain


Eating these two things together could cause extra weight gain

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Eating these two things together could cause extra weight gain

By now, we all know that sugary drinks are bad for you, but it turns out that consuming them alongside one particular type of meal could be disastrous for your waistline…

That’s according to a new study published in the journal BMC Nutrition, which says that having a sweetened beverage with high-protein foods can increase how much fat you store, Business Insider reports.

Researchers from the USDA-Agricultural Research Service Grand Forks Human Nutrition Center in America looked at 27 individuals over two days to test whether adding a sugary drink to a meal affects the way the body stores fat.

And it turns out that combining protein-rich foods with a sweet drink is a big no-no…

On the day when participants consumed a high-protein meal with a sugary drink their fat oxidation – the process that breaks down fat molecules – slowed down by eight per cent.

‘We found that about a third of the additional calories provided by the sugar-sweetened drinks were not expended, fat metabolism was reduced, and it took less energy to metabolise the meals. This decreased metabolic efficiency may “prime” the body to store more fat,’ said study author Dr Shanon Casperson.

Even worse, scientists found that this particular combination seems to make you crave more unhealthy food just a few hours after eating…

‘We were surprised by the impact that the sugar-sweetened drinks had on metabolism when they were paired with higher-protein meals,’ Dr Casperson added. ‘This combination also increased study subjects’ desire to eat savoury and salty foods for four hours after eating.

‘Our findings suggest that having a sugar-sweetened drink with a meal impacts both sides of the energy balance equation,’ she concluded.

While the study was only small, and further research is needed, we reckon this is further proof that it’s time to quit your fizzy drink habit for good!

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