Emperor Motion Pictures offers nine new releases


22 Mar – Emperor Motion Pictures recently announced that there will be nine upcoming releases and new productions for the year 2019.

As reported on Mingpao, the company, which held its press conference at the Hong Kong FILMART recently, shared that one the nine films that will be released this year is Dante Lam’s “The Rescue” (also known as “Emergency Rescue”) – which would also be the company’s major blockbuster this year.

It is noted that Dante’s previous film, “Operation Red Sea” was a critical and a commercial hit, having made HKD 4.5 billion at the box office and won the 2018 Highest Grossing Asian Film at the Asian Film Awards.

The other eight films are as follows:

1. Raging Fire
A Benny Chan action film starring Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse.

2. Detective vs Sleuth
A Sean Lau, Charlene Choi and Raymond Lam-starrer directed by Wai Ka Fai.

3. Declared Legally Dead
A Steve Yuen psychological thriller starring Karena Lam and Anthony Wong

4. The Fallen
An Irene Wan-starrer helmed by Lee Cheuk Pan of “G Affairs” fame.

5. Caught in Time
A new Lau Ho Leung thriller starring Wang Qianyuan and Daniel Wu – which also marks the latter’s Hong Kong movie comeback after three years.

6. Just One Day
A movie starring Charlene Choi and helmed by screenwriter Erica Li in her first directorial effort.

7. Two Tigers
A black comedy starring Vicki Zhao and directed by Li Fei.

8. 77 Heartwarming
The sequel to 77 Heartbreaks starring Charlene Choi and Pakho Chau and directed by Herman Yau.

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)


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