M&S chocolate yoga bunny goes viral


Marks and Spencer is considered one of the go-to places for Brits seeking Easter treats but the high street giant’s latest invention, has left shoppers blushing.

This year, the retailer has introduced a £6 Yoga Bunny to its shelves – a chocolate rabbit performing a popular yoga pose, the so-called downward dog, on a mat made from raspberry nibs.

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The chocolate bunny quickly went viral with customers flocking to social media to call out its seemingly sexual stance:

One Marks and Spencer sales assistant joked on Twitter, “Prayers for those of us who have to try and sell this product with a straight face appreciated.”

While another tweeted: “The M&S Yoga Bunny Easter egg is very ‘door’s on the latch, find me upstairs’.”

Marks and Spencer were quick to defend the Yoga Bunny, as the company replied to claims that the rabbit is in a suggestive position:

It’s not the first time the British store has been teased for its not-so-well-thought-out marketing schemes.

Last Valentine’s Day, Marks and Spencer introduced the ‘Love Sausage’ – a heart-shaped pork sausage wrapped in bacon.

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Despite hoping it would make the perfect breakfast accompaniment, the Valentine’s-themed breakfast understandably left social media users in hysterics:

All publicity is good publicity, right?


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